History of the "Ahizpak": Maite & Izar

Being first generation Basque-Americans has been a journey of self-discovery in completing our cultural circle. Born in a tight-knit Basque community in Nevada, our parents ran and owned a Basque restaurant. During our childhood we were a part of the Mendiko Euskaldun club, dancing and singing with our cousins and friends.

Our passions eventually sent us both to study art and afterwards the magnetic cultural pull brought us to Boise, Idaho. We had fallen in love with the people in our new Basque community and the city itself. Freshly out of art school, and excited about integrating into our new home...creating beautiful Basque art pieces was a natural fit. Quickly we made gifts with the lovely Lauburu which soon turned into jewelry and decorative pieces.

Focusing on turning a hobby into a small business, Boise’s famous Jaialdi of 2005 was fast approaching. This festival we figured was a great way to jump in feet first and see if people attending the festival would love our items too. That was eleven years ago and we are so happy we started creating Ahizpak together.

Posted on July 19, 2016 .